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Is sex addiction to blame in sex crimes?

With the inexplicable self-destructive acts of Anthony Weiner, which have culminated now his 21-month prison sentence for sexting, sex addiction certainly seems to be a plausible explanation. But the short answer to the question about whether sex addiction can take some or all of the blame for sex crimes is “maybe but probably not,” according to current standards.

Proposed law could remove some from sex offender registry

A bill has passed in the California Senate that would change the laws regarding sex offender registration. As the Los Angeles Times reports, although the state is typically tough on those convicted of sex crimes, the proposed law would end lifetime registration for sex offenders. Currently, California is one of only four states that require those convicted of sex crimes to register and check in each year for the rest of their lives after leaving prison. The other states are Alabama, Florida and South Carolina. The new law would allow those convicted of lower-level crimes and those deemed not a risk for recidivism to be removed from the list 10 to 20 years after they are released from prison.