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Posts tagged "Drug Charges"

Two former sheriff's deputies facing drug charges

It is no surprise for most people to hear that individuals break laws on a regular basis. It might be shocking, however, to hear that two former California sheriff's deputies supposedly committed crimes. The two men were accused of several drug charges related to stealing and selling marijuana seized in multiple drug busts.

New law regulates drugged driving

With both medical and recreational marijuana recently becoming legal in California, lawmakers have put regulations into place to keep impaired drivers off of the roads. According to KHTS, Governor Brown signed measures meant to help law enforcement both understand and enforce the laws regarding DUIs and marijuana.

Cell Phones and Search Warrants

As cell phones become an increasingly important possession in everyday life in California and across the globe, understanding their place in a criminal investigation is increasingly important. Since these serve not only as a communication device but also a computer, organizer and address book, the Supreme Court has determined that it is a violation of a citizen's rights to have his or her phone searched illegally.

Senate passes two sentence enhancement reforms

As mandatory minimum sentences have once again come into favor federally, California is discussing a proposed law to repeal these requirements on some convictions. According to the Los Angeles Times, a bill recently passed the state Senate that would change state laws in regards to sentencing repeat offenders for drug convictions.

AG reverses direction for seeking mandatory minimums

It has long been argued that we have lost the so-called “war on drugs.” Prisons are overcrowded with non-violent drug offenders; police are spending massive resources of enforcing drug laws many people consider heavy-handed; people’s families and livelihoods are destroyed with a single, non-violent drug offense.