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Understanding how marijuana might impact driving ability

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, some may be confused about whether they can drive with marijuana in their systems. People may smoke cigarettes while driving, but the opposite is true about smoking cannabis behind the wheel. It is important to understand the law regarding driving under the influence of cannabis.

Can I be arrested for driving after taking a prescription?

Most people think about drinking and driving when the topic of DUI charges comes up. Similarly, a previously illegal drug like marijuana or other illicit drugs may come to mind when you hear about drug charges. However, you and other Californians should know that you might get a DUI or a ticket for driving after taking legal medication.

Fruit of the poisonous tree and drug offenses

California residents who have been charged with a drug crime should be aware of the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine. As explains, this doctrine holds that any evidence (fruit) obtained by law enforcement officials by means of an illegal arrest, search or seizure (poisonous tree) cannot be used against defendants in a court of law.

AG Sessions rolls back Obama pot prosecution policies

When California legalized medical marijuana some 20 years ago, this state’s cannabis industry took off and now is the largest and most firmly entrenched in the nation. On January 1, California’s new law decriminalizing marijuana production, sale and recreational usage went into effect. Los Angeles and San Francisco are expected to immediately begin issuing dispensary licenses, and over 100 dispensaries have already begun selling recreational marijuana.

Do drug courts work?

If you are facing a California drug charge, you may have serious concerns about having to spend time behind bars. Increasingly, however, some drug offenders, depending on the circumstances of their crimes and criminal history, receive an offer to take part in a drug court program, as opposed to serving time in jail. Drug courts seek to treat the addiction itself through a combination of counseling and regular appearances before a court. The main idea is that the program will help addicts stay on track while keeping more non-violent drug offenders out of California’s already-overcrowded prison system.

What it means to possess and distribute drugs

Some California residents may not realize that there are a variety of drug charges. Because the penalty can change depending on what offense a person is charged with, it is important to understand these differences. One kind of drug charge deals with the ownership of drugs and a person's intent to give them away.

Two former sheriff's deputies facing drug charges

It is no surprise for most people to hear that individuals break laws on a regular basis. It might be shocking, however, to hear that two former California sheriff's deputies supposedly committed crimes. The two men were accused of several drug charges related to stealing and selling marijuana seized in multiple drug busts.

New law regulates drugged driving

With both medical and recreational marijuana recently becoming legal in California, lawmakers have put regulations into place to keep impaired drivers off of the roads. According to KHTS, Governor Brown signed measures meant to help law enforcement both understand and enforce the laws regarding DUIs and marijuana.

Cell Phones and Search Warrants

As cell phones become an increasingly important possession in everyday life in California and across the globe, understanding their place in a criminal investigation is increasingly important. Since these serve not only as a communication device but also a computer, organizer and address book, the Supreme Court has determined that it is a violation of a citizen's rights to have his or her phone searched illegally.