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March 2018 Archives

Sexting: Is it more serious than kids think?

The prevalence of smartphones and social media has given people a range of possibilities that previous generations could only dream about. In addition to being able to communicate with their friends or research a homework topic in a few moments’ time, children can send and receive pictures of each other. There are both positive and negative aspects to modern technology, as you and other California parents are aware.

Can I be arrested for driving after taking a prescription?

Most people think about drinking and driving when the topic of DUI charges comes up. Similarly, a previously illegal drug like marijuana or other illicit drugs may come to mind when you hear about drug charges. However, you and other Californians should know that you might get a DUI or a ticket for driving after taking legal medication.

Making recreational use of marijuana legal came with other laws

This January, California joined a growing number of states that legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Many throughout the state saw this as a victory, and when stores opened to sell products containing cannabis, they lined up at shops selling products that patrons can smoke or eat.