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What it means to possess and distribute drugs

Some California residents may not realize that there are a variety of drug charges. Because the penalty can change depending on what offense a person is charged with, it is important to understand these differences. One kind of drug charge deals with the ownership of drugs and a person's intent to give them away.

Simply having drugs does not mean that a person means to distribute them to other people. According to FindLaw, someone needs to both plan to dole out the drugs and own the drugs in order to be charged with possession with the intent to distribute. This is because it needs to be demonstrated that a person planned to give the drugs to other people. This means that if someone has a small amount of a certain drug, they are likely not planning to distribute it. It is usually when a person has a large amount of a drug that they may be charged with the intent to distribute.

When a person is convicted of possession with the intent to distribute, they usually face a jail sentence or a fine. A person's criminal record is one of the factors that determines whether someone receives a lengthy imprisonment and a high fine. Additionally, these penalties are also based on the kind of drug someone possessed and planned to give out.

 Some people may think that marijuana does not fall under the parameters laid out above. According to, possessing marijuana with the intention of giving it to other people is considered a misdemeanor in California. People may be required to pay a $500 fine or may receive a six month jail sentence.

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