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How to handle being pulled over after drinking

All California residents understand that they shouldn't drink and drive. However, that doesn't mean it never happens. If a person has been drinking and is pulled over for whatever reason, they'll need to know how to handle the situation properly.

As stated by Forbes, a person can still exercise their Fifth Amendment rights when being pulled over on the side of the road. They will likely not be reminded of these rights because they aren't being arrested, but they are still in effect. This is because incriminating evidence that a person says can be used against them in court later. Answering questions about the amount of alcohol that has been consumed or how drunk a person feels is considered potentially incriminating and thus doesn't have to be responded to. While a driver must provide information like proof of insurance, registration, and license, they do not have to answer any questions.

HuffPost, meanwhile, points out that good behavior is key to avoiding additional charges. This includes treating officers with respect and keeping one's calm. It goes without say, but a person who's being pulled over should not attempt to flee from the authorities or engage in evasive or violent behavior. Following the instructions given can also be important. A person who is belligerent or actively tries to evade or even harm an officer will find themselves dealing with more than just a possible DUI charge.

Ultimately, it's better for a person to avoid drinking and driving. However, there are certainly good ways to handle this situation, and bad ways. Handling it in a good way can minimize the damage someone may face in court later.

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