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How can DUI affect serious driving offenses?

California drivers have a lot to lose if they get slapped with a conviction for a serious driving offense. At Leupp & Woodall, we provide the information you need to determine just how much of a threat these convictions can be to your ability to live a normal life.

Felony DUI is a top serious driving offense in California. Felony DUIs usually involve either severe injury to another person, or death. Vehicular manslaughter is a serious offense regardless of whether or not you were drinking at the time, but an additional DUI charge can compound the sentence and make the penalties you could face even harsher.

Other serious driving offenses follow a similar pattern. On their own, they can net you a hefty penalty. However, when coupled with DUI charges, the penalties will be much worse. This includes:

  • Hit and run cases
  • Driving if your license is revoked or suspended
  • Evading the police or a peace officer
  • Driving recklessly

If you are caught doing these things while committing a DUI offense, you could face jail time, huge fines, and even license revocation or suspension. Taking a program to help alcoholics may also be required, or community service. Moreover, felonies will stay on your record and possibly prevent you from getting hired.

The consequences of seriously driving offenses can be long-lasting and harsh, as you can see. To read more about DUI charges and other serious driving offenses in California and how they can impact you, give our web page on driving offenses a look.

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