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How can California prevent drunk driving?

Although few would say that California goes easy on drunk drivers, some groups are pushing for even stricter punishments. As LA Weekly reports, California ranked in the top ten for severe consequences for drunk drivers when it comes to raising insurance premiums, license suspension and jail time after a conviction. But with new reports saying that a third of all traffic deaths are due to drunk driving, the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving is fighting for even harsher penalties.

The group, which rates states based on the strictness of their drunk driving laws, only gives California 3.5 out of five available stars. MADD would like to see Golden State legislators enact harsher penalties that include longer suspension of drivers' licenses and also conduct more sobriety checkpoints across the state. The group says that improvements could also be made in the areas of prevention and recidivism among drunk drivers. They would also like it to be a felony when drivers are intoxicated while driving minors. Arizona was at the top of the list of "Strictest States," and South Dakota is considered the most lenient state for those convicted of a DUI.  

Deaths from drunk driving decreased 57 percent between 1982 and 2014, which is a sign that prevention and legislation are making a difference. A new law, that will go into effect in 2019, will begin enacting a more comprehensive ignition interlock program, which will require more drivers to pass a breathalyzer before being able to start their cars. The safety tools cars are coming equipped with, such as automatic braking, have also likely made a difference in the number of fatalities on the roads.

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