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September 2017 Archives

Guess what? Breathalyzer results aren't always accurate.

If you were to take a test that could significantly impact the rest of your life, you'd no doubt want the test results to be accurate, right? If someone were to tell you that the results of a particular test could cost you your freedom, your desire to make certain test results were true would likely increase even more. Is it really possible to go to jail based on results from a test that may not have been administered properly or was defective in some way? The answer is yes.

How can California prevent drunk driving?

Although few would say that California goes easy on drunk drivers, some groups are pushing for even stricter punishments. As LA Weekly reports, California ranked in the top ten for severe consequences for drunk drivers when it comes to raising insurance premiums, license suspension and jail time after a conviction. But with new reports saying that a third of all traffic deaths are due to drunk driving, the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving is fighting for even harsher penalties.