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Two former sheriff's deputies facing drug charges

It is no surprise for most people to hear that individuals break laws on a regular basis. It might be shocking, however, to hear that two former California sheriff's deputies supposedly committed crimes. The two men were accused of several drug charges related to stealing and selling marijuana seized in multiple drug busts.

According to authorities, the two former deputies worked with a former detective to steal marijuana from the force's storage unit over the course of about four months in 2014. The cannabis had been previously seized by police during various drug busts. The group allegedly intended to sell the plants and the buds they had collected to a confidential informant. The men reportedly repeated this process on 10 separate occasions, receiving thousands of dollars in return.

Police state that in early 2016, the two former deputies voluntarily confessed to the FBI to stealing and selling the marijuana. A few months later, they pleaded guilty to their roles in the drug trafficking enterprise and released statements apologizing to county residents and their fellow law enforcement officers. The two men were recently sentenced to three years' probation in which they must serve community service and forfeit the money they received in the operation.

Though these men will not face prison time for the drug charges they faced, others facing similar drug charges may face serious consequences if convictions are obtained. Those accused of such drug crimes would likely benefit from consulting experienced California criminal defense attorneys. An attorney could help build a strong defense and work toward obtaining the best possible outcome in court.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Former Kern Co. Sheriff's deputies avoid prison for selling marijuana seized in drug raids", Veronica Rocha, Aug. 8, 2017

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