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New law regulates drugged driving

With both medical and recreational marijuana recently becoming legal in California, lawmakers have put regulations into place to keep impaired drivers off of the roads. According to KHTS, Governor Brown signed measures meant to help law enforcement both understand and enforce the laws regarding DUIs and marijuana.

One of the regulations, an 'open container' law, puts the same rules into place as those used for alcohol: if it is being transported in the cabin of the car it must be in a sealed, unopened container. Otherwise, drivers need to keep their pot in the trunk. Courthouse News reports that this legislation is coming, in part, due to reports that more drivers killed in car crashes now were impaired by drugs, rather than alcohol, as in years past. Lawmakers are likely also trying to get laws on the books before the sale of legal recreational marijuana is protected, since Washington and Colorado have encountered issues with drug use while driving since legalization in 2012.

The laws also include money for California Highway Patrol to conduct a training for officers on how to recognize when a driver is likely under the effects of marijuana. Money was also included for a pilot program of a new technology that can quickly test THC in drivers, as well as quickly test for six common drugs through the use of a mouth swab. This test is able to determine when a driver consumed marijuana, which is typically difficult to know since the drug remains in a person's system for about a month, even though the effects last only hours. The test results have been admitted into court as evidence already in Kern County.

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