California 3 Strikes Law Attorney

California's three strikes law is among the nation's toughest sentencing laws. Persons previously convicted of certain serious felony offenses will have their prison sentences doubled for any subsequent felony convictions. Individuals with two or more prior serious felonies are facing a possible life sentence if convicted of another felony.

Given these harsh consequences, it is imperative that anyone facing criminal charges who has prior convictions have the best possible legal representation. The attorneys at Leupp & Woodall have a long record of successful representation of clients prosecuted under the three strikes law. We will aggressively defend against these charges and seek whenever possible to resolve the cases in ways that avoid or minimize the impact of three strikes sentencing.

Nevada County 3 Strike Crime Defense Attorney

At Leupp & Woodall, we have the veteran skill, experience and understanding you need. We will quickly and thoroughly investigate the current offense and the prior convictions and develop arguments that can lead to the dismissal of prior strike allegations or otherwise reduce the impact of the three strikes sentencing laws.Whenever possible, we will challenge prior strikes on your record and file any potential motions to dismiss.

We are highly successful in this and have assisted many individuals in minimizing their exposure to harsh and lengthy prison sentences. You are up against skilled prosecutors and need a firm prepared to fight the charges.

Auburn, California, 3 Strikes Law Lawyer

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss the charges against you, as well as your prior strikes, please contact our law firm today at 530-718-1389.